Marc specializes in providing Mediumship services for business people. Everyone thinks of Mediumship when they think of Spiritualism,  but there is another side equally as useful and powerful called Synchronicity.  Marc has benefited from this throughout his long business career and offers a consultancy service to help people become aware of it in their lives, and use it specifically in business to increase opportunities and take advantage of them.

Spiritualism Synchronicity in Business

At it's simplest this is being at the correct place, at the correct time to meet the correct person.  From this encounter arises an opportunity. You have something to offer and the other person has something to meet your own need.  It could be someone in search of a solution that you have a product for. It could be an old contact that remembers you from years ago and now has a sales lead for you. It could be an investment opportunity.  It could be an employment offer.  Marc has encountered all of these multiple times.  Even situations where he was given large sums of money or even on one occasion a Car that he needed to continue with a contract.

Marc can explain exactly how this works.  How to take advantage of it.  And how to ensure you keep on attracting the Spiritual help that this is the embodiment of.

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Marc has a business background and continues in a number of business roles covering consultancy, marketing, and investment.

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