Readings at the Vintique

Marc Stuart- Introduction

Readings at Lynne's White Robin Vintique

at the Mall at Echo Bridge

Hello and welcome to my

Massachusetts Booking


I work with

Lynne White Robin 

at her Vintique at the

Mall at Echo

BridgeNewton Upper Falls.

I can either be booked for

an online reading through

her or for a reading there

which is also done online.

We work together because

of the symmetry of the

atmosphere at the Vintique.

Victorian themes with

antiques and my Scottish Background heavily overlapping.

Lynne is herself training in Mediumship and often is able to feel the powers of the Spirits around her at her venue.  Currently looking to expand in size in the very near future. And very keen to develop this side of the Business, thus the link up with myself.

So who am I?  I am Scottish!  I am a traditional Scottish Spiritual Medium.

Scottish born and based medium trained in what I consider to be the

Scottish Medium methodology which is why I call myself a Scottish Medium. I work at Fairs, On Platform and online as well as meeting for readings either in Central Scotland or Western New York State.

I am a member of The Living Spirit Church in Buffalo. Also two churches in Scotland, The Dunfermline Spiritualist Church and The Portobello Spiritualist Church.  I sit in two circles both in Scotland. 

So what do I mean by Scottish Medium - well as I was trained here in Scotland.  You do not through messages out from the platform. You come direct to the person.  I do not mess around with telling you that you have a wonderful aura.  I am a spiritual medium. Whilst I can work psychically  I choose not to.  I do not and can not tell you what to do with your life.  I only give messages from your loved ones on the other side.

Readings are given verbally using either Skype or Facebook Messenger. Either at the Vintique or online directly.  Payment must be made to the Vintique directly.

Please use the form opposite, this will send a contact to both myself and Lynne.  Alternatively book directly with Lynne at the Vintique.

I must be booked in advance.

To Book:

Either at the Vintique

Or by Phone:  NNNNN NNNNNN.

Or use the form apposite.

Booking in Massachusetts

And remember to Visit for a Coffee and to browse the Antiques for sale!

381 Elliot Street Building N Suite 115, Newton Upper Falls, Mass. 02464

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