I am involved in a training company called Traditional Scottish Spiritual Training, which provides a full range of courses in Spiritualism inside Scottish Churches.  I also run day-long workshops on specific topics.  I deliver these by arrangement.

There are four courses:

To arrange you can either pay by person or for a fixed fee.  I will arrange courses as required and happy to travel to deliver. Price will vary based on location and numbers. Also if doing through a Church happy to see come charitable contribution being arranged.

The Workshops:

Pattern Platform Working

This is a course specifically for working Mediums or for people sitting in circle but at a

level able to work at after circle. This is to enable Spirit

to give you as many as twenty-five to thirty accurate

messages per service.

Most mediums work with spirit by being drawn to

someone from the platform and giving a mini reading. 

Obviously the length and time of the readings will vary

both between Mediums and even between messages. 

But as a general rule this will limit the number of

message given during a service from anywhere from

six to a dozen messages per service.

Your guides draw you to the appropriate person to

receive the message.  Or you follow an even more basic method and "through" the message out there,  though this is something  I personally look down very much on as a method to work from.

With this method of Pattern Working messages are given rapidly,  and are kept short. Your guides have the message givers ready for you - they know where you are going to go next. The messages are kept short, relevant and highly accurate.

And a lot of people leave the service happy to have received evidence and a message.

The course lasts one day and it very intense.  Exorcises are used in a circle format which should then be carried on in your own circle.  Along as detailed instructions of how to make this work for you with Spirit.

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Basic Spiritualism and Mediumship

This is a basic two-day workshop covering an introduction to the

techniques of working with Spirit and elementary or early


The workshop covers:

Opening and Closing. How to do so and why this is so important.

Issues when you are accidentally open and what to do about it. All

about protection!

Sitting in Circle and why this is so important.  And what to do if

you do not like the circle you are in.

Tools for early work such as jewels and cards.

Card Readings and what they are not.

Interpretation of what you receiving and the different ways that

messages can be put to you


The basics of what you must say, can not say and how to handle

those messages you just can not give.

Psychic Readings and the differences with Spiritual readings.

And how they can work together. And what to do if you are

getting a Psychic reading instead of a spiritual reading.

This workshop is a lot of try and see exorcises combined with direct counseling and lectures.


It would suit anyone from a complete novice to someone sitting in circle.

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American Spiritualism a Guide for UK Spiritualists

This is an introduction for any

British Spiritualist Medium who

is planning on doing any form of

work in the United States.

As a Medium I work both in

Scotland and the USA.  This is a

video of e giving an Address in

Lily Dale in 2019.


It is also suitable or a requirement

for any Scottish Mediums doing

any follow up work with the

Training Business   Traditional 

Scottish Spiritualist Training. This is a company where American Mediums are brought to Scotland and trained for two-week courses in Scottish Churches, or where we take Scottish Mediums to the USA teaching the same courses but with the options to do three day modules as well. There are opportunities for Scottish Mediums to help deliver the courses and to get platform or gallery work in the USA from this.

The workshop covers:

Where modern Spiritualism and Mediumship started in New York State

The Churches today or lack of

Lily Dale and the Season

Psychic Fairs

Church Services and the differences

      to a British Service

Terminology Differences

Private Readings

The Yankee Attitude

Reverend Status and how to get it

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Scottish Spiritualism in History


Scotland is an ancient country with ancient legends and religions, originally four ancient tribes: Celts, Picts, Scots, and Caledonians. The beliefs of these people’s religions were spiritual in nature. For example the legend of the Kelpie.

A spiritual being that takes the form of a young

beautiful man or woman,  swimming underwater

seduces the passing human then drowns them turning

into a horse. Many elements of those ancient tribes

became the clan system in the highlands. 

So as a culture the Scottish people are let's say

historically conditioned to accept spiritualism.  

Look at the numbers of ghosts everywhere in every

older building. Jut ask the tour guide. Jump forward

to the twentieth century and you have Modern Mediumship created in New York State.  Yet the greatest heroes of the movement come from Scotland. Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle from Edinburgh. Helen Duncan, the last woman to be jailed for witchcraft in the UK from Dundee.

Most of the more established Scottish Churches are decades old.  Most dating back to the early twentieth century. So whilst this is just a summary any journey through Scotland in any direction exposes you to ancient tribal history. To haunted buildings and castles.  And almost everywhere a modern Spiritual Church. 

This is a series of lectures lasting for a day covering the basics of Scottish Spiritual History and in large why we have such a strong Spiritual Movement in Scotland today.

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