The first meeting with Marc is conducted online and is free of charge.  Essentially this is a conversation where you will want to know exactly what this is all about and Marc want's to know if he can actually help you or not.

Marc will have three questions - about yourself and how open you are to Spiritualism and what this means,  some idea of your business to ensure that he fully understands the basics of how you operate and make money, and finally what you are trying to achieve.

Marc will then ask for further information.  This may be accounts,  web site and sales material,  even some statistics for your industry. 


He will also do some psychic research during the chat and this is taken as agreed that he may do this by your contacting him.


Marc will then prepare an analysis of your business and what you can achieve and how to go about it.  Some actions will be things that only you can do and you may need the help of others closer to you.

If he thinks he can help further over time he will make a proposal regarding training, consultancy, and costs for you to consider. 


Essentially these proposals are how to recognize and attract Synchronicity into the business and your personal life.  

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